YouTube Thumbnail Size Guide – How To Make A Perfect YouTube Thumbnail?

Your video may include the most engaging and informative content but still, fail to bag a good number of reviews. The reason could be your not-so-catchy thumbnail. Thumbnails are more important than they seem to be. They are as important as the content and the title of your video.

An attractive thumbnail plays an important role in increasing the number of views. They describe the content through small clickable snapshots and induce the viewers to click. A thumbnail can add a lot. Creating an attractive thumbnail does not only help you in seeking attention but also affects your search ranking on YouTube.

You can differentiate your video from others by creating a vibrant, elegant and enticing YouTube Thumbnail. The click-through rate of a YouTube video is one of the most important factors in YouTube’s search Algorithm, especially during the first hour.

A good thumbnail can help you here. You can say a YouTube Thumbnail can make or break your video. If your amazing YouTube video has a boring thumbnail, it may not get enough clicks and YouTube could label the video irrelevant and don’t consider ranking it in search results or distributing it through the “Recommended Videos” feed.

To help you outshine other YouTube videos, we will guide you in creating an appealing YouTube thumbnail. This will help you in increasing the number of clicks, and eventually, increasing the ranking of your website.

Stepwise Guide To Make A YouTube Thumbnail

  • Check a free online YouTube Thumbnail maker.
  • Choose a thumbnail maker’s template or upload any photo.
  • Add the relevant objects like clipart, text or background, whatever you need.
  • Download the prepared thumbnail to the computer.

Visit A Free Online YouTube Thumbnail Maker

You can find many online YouTube thumbnail makers. Most of the thumbnail makers ask you to sign up and provide the details, even if you want to go for a free version. But there is a YouTube thumbnail maker, that doesn’t mind you running the free version without any details.

FotoJet allows you to make a customised thumbnail from the free version and let’ you download without any e-mail address. It allows you to download small and medium-sized image files while large and extra-large is available in the premium version.

Choose A Pre-Built Thumbnail Or Upload Your Own Photo

You can upload any picture as your video’s thumbnail. But if you want an appealing thumbnail, you can consider adding templates that are available for free. If you want you can try premium templates, as they are going to be better than free ones.

As per the research, thumbnails with a talking head get more attention as compared to others. So, consider adding a talking head in the thumbnail.

Add Relevant Objects

After selecting the picture or template, you can add a clipart, text or any other object to multiply the attractiveness of your thumbnail. Sometimes adding text becomes a necessity. Also, you can consider placing a clipart, photo or graphics on a dark background, as it is more likely to seek the attention of the users.

Download The Template

After finishing your YouTube Thumbnail, you can download it for the final use. Make sure its resolution is 1280×720 pixels, which is the demand of YouTube. This will prevent resizing issues.

An attractive YouTube thumbnail can do wonders. Look at the situation from the user’s point of view, are you going to open a YouTube video with a boring thumbnail? Definitely, No. So, why would someone else open your video? So, you need to create extraordinary, elegant and attractive YouTube thumbnails for better performance.

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