5 Best YouTube Thumbnail Makers

YouTube thumbnails are the USP of your videos. An attractive thumbnail can get your views in millions. Subscribers and views are greatly influenced by attractive thumbnails. A viewer can either click on your video or scroll down after seeing the thumbnail. Hence, online YouTube thumbnail makers are a blessing for YouTube video makers.

All YouTubers would agree that first impressions make a lot of difference! Your viewers will click on the video only if they find the thumbnail interesting. With the help of the thumbnail, you can let your potential viewers know what your video is all about! YouTube is a visual platform.

Thus, it is very important to create thumbnails that are enticing and visually attractive. If you want your viewers to stop scrolling and click on your video to watch, create attractive thumbnails. Now when you know the importance of designing attractive thumbnails, you need the right online tools to do the same.

We have compiled a list of YouTube thumbnail makers for your convenience. Some are online solutions so you don’t have to essentially download them. While others can be downloaded on Windows or Mac computers. Some YouTube thumbnail creator websites also offers an app that allows you to create YouTube thumbnails from Android and iOS devices.


Canva offers great graphic designing tools to users. Canva is currently one of the most popular website to design images and other visual templates. The website/app can help you make eye-grabbing thumbnails for professional use.

Don’t worry if you are a non-designer as the app is extremely easy to use. Canva has many other features to offer. It is not just a thumbnail maker. Over one million pictures, fonts, designs, and illustrations are available on Canva that you can use for free. While a majority of the features and options are free, some are locked and you have to subscribe to their paid plans in order to access them.

Adobe Spark

The process of thumbnail making on Adobe Spark is easy. It can also be used for many other functions of graphic designing. One feature that makes it a better option than Canva is that it doesn’t charge users to use the pre-made thumbnail layouts.

The entire process is easy and simple as the website has a separate category for YouTube video thumbnail making. Adobe Spark has very basic features. However, it lets users add texts, color, background components. It has both a free and a paid plan.


Fotor offers amazing thumbnail-making tools that let you customize the already existing YouTube thumbnail templates as you like. The interface is very user-friendly and lets you edit the thumbnails to your heart’s content. You can access multiple elements- text, design elements, stickers, emojis, etc. Fotor is free of cost but if want access to more advanced features, sign up for their paid plan ($40/year).


Fotojet is one of the most interesting tools available online to design spectacular YouTube thumbnails. Fotojet pays special attention to YouTube thumbnail making unlike all the other graphic designing software available online.

The online tool has more than 500 templates for collage making, which can prove to be a useful tool for designing YouTube graphics such as thumbnails. Users can also customize images in the best ways possible with an advanced thumbnail creator tool. You can rotate your images, add filters, resize images, or crop images with these features.

Using this website is very easy as all options are always visible to the users, which allows them to make stunning thumbnails without any hassles. It won’t ask you to register on the website to use the YouTube thumbnail creator tool. Just start using the website and keep on designing.


Snappa is an online thumbnail maker with amazing templates and tons of high-resolution images. A beautiful YouTube thumbnail can be made using this website as it has got tons of good options. Users don’t need to be designers to use it because it’s so easy to use.

Amateurs can use the website without any training. Snappa lets you customize thumbnails as much as you want to! There are limitless options- from creating from scratch to adding custom fonts, backgrounds, shapes, and other design elements.

The basic version has many features needed to design the thumbnails but if you want more advanced features you might need to buy their paid plan, which costs around $120/year.

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